“Satisfied but want more” – this was one of the sentences that Ellen DeGeneres once spoke on her show, and that I still remember today. She was answering the question to how she wants to live life.

You might love Ellen, or maybe you do not get all the hype around her and her show, but no matter that – I feel that this mindset of being satisfied in life and still reach for more and better is something that each of us could benefit from.

Here are three levels to that mindset we need to look at to understand and apply it to our lives:

1) Satisfied

When are you feeling satisfied? According to the word definition, you feel satisfied when your wishes, expectations, and needs are fulfilled and that derives the feeling of pleasure. As such you are satisfied when reality, as you perceive, matches your desires and needs. Typically that is a moment when you feel content and you relax. You are done with striving for more and you simply enjoy what you have.

What a beautiful and pleasurable stage to be in!

Satisfaction and content are what those preaching mindfulness and “living in now” seek. To relax and be grateful for what they have and simply enjoy life. You can live more in the now by practicing awareness of your own feelings, body, and thoughts (i.e. through meditation), or by doing gratefulness exercises.

2) Wanting more

Bigger, better, quicker, more are the words that motivate you to move, to accelerate your own life and signal your want or need to have more in life. They signal that you feel the need to have a different life. And this is good! That mindset motivates you to strive to move forward, it motivates you not to give up and go for what you want and need.

What a beautiful and powerful motivation to have to live a better life.

In definition wanting more is a motivator for you to create a change and instead of waiting for change to happen, you take an action. This might happen i.e. through the goals you set and habits you establish.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

3) Satisfied, yet wanting more

Satisfaction on its own is a stage of wanting exactly what you have, and simply enjoying the moment. It is a stagnation phase. Wanting more on the other hand is a stage where you want more, you want different. Is a phase that motivates you to move forward.

Being satisfied, yet wanting more creates a perfect balance between seeking better and more while still stoping and appreciating and living the life you have created till that moment.

Photo by Shiva Smyth on Pexels.com

Being satisfied, and wanting more are the two sides of the same coin, both needed to live and create the best life you can. To live that best life therefore you need to find the perfect balance between reaching that goal of yours and stopping on the way there to simply enjoy the smell of the coffee and all the other small joys that are present in your life.

Call to action: Create a perfect balance between being satisfied and wanting more in your life:

Right now take a pen and your notebook and write down 1) what you want to achieve today? 2) think of at least 1 thing that you enjoyed today (or that you are looking forward to enjoy today)

Love and magic to you,


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