Everything starts with an intention and a good routine of goal setting. We have established that in the last week blog post (Available here). But how to set the goal to get it ready for success?

Here are few questions that you can ask yourself and that will help you define the goal better:

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1) 🧠 Why do I want to reach this goal?

Simon Sinek in his famous talk about the Golden Circle stresses the importance of starting with the why, and this is your opportunity to start thinking about that goal of yours. Why is it important for you to reach the goal you are setting? What will change in your life, if you achieve it? Why do you care about it?

Answers to this questions, will help you to determine if this goal is truly important to you and will the result itself motivate you enough to reach it or are you rather setting this goal without a real motivation (which might mean you will have to find other ways to keep your motivation up while reaching it).

2) 🎯 How do I know I reached success?

This is a part where you think about your ideal solution for the goal, and you put some meat to the bones. How the success on this specific goal look like? How will you know that you have reached it? What are some results you are looking for that will indicate you are successful in your endaviours?

Answers to this question will help you understand better your goal and with that also make it easier to track your progress. If you do not make it specific in what you want to reach and know what to look out for in success, it will be difficult to maintain the focus and know your progress. Just like when you are in the car travelling to your desired destination you monitor your time left, and km left – just like this you need to monitor also your journey to reach success on your goal.

3) ☠️ What are the top 3 reasons for me to fail?

No journey is completely smooth, so to make sure you reach your goal it is also good to prepare upfront for things that might go wrong. This is the moment where you ask yourself – what could go wrong? What will possibly go wrong? What are the pitfalls you might fall into?

You know yourself best, and I am sure you know exactly what habit of yours, or doubt you have, might limit you in reaching for the goal you set. If nothing else, we need to think of when we loose our motivation and are prone to simply give up on that goal. More honest you are with yourself, easier will it be for you to plan and be ready when the temptation to give up comes.

4) 📚 How can I make sure I will succeed? Who can help me?

After you know what might go wrong, it is important to also detemine how you can make sure you have actions ready for when you need additional motivation. What are the things that you can do or plan for that will help you succeed? How can you motivate yourself better? How can you structure your life that will support you in reaching your goal? How do you want to hold yourself accountable? Who can help you with that with their knowledge or support?

A reward always help me to stay motivated and eager to work on my goals, another trick I use for myself is also creating a plan and schedule and follow it though. As you know your limitations, you also know what will help you to stay on your best game. Make sure you have all of that and enough rest available to you and also do not hesitate to find a person or two who can help you getting to your goal quicker. Together we are stronger!

5) 💪🏽 Habits: What can I consistently do to reach the goal?

One of the things that you for sure need to reach the success will be to set small daily habits. What are the daily actions that can help you to stay on the right course and stay motivated to reach success? What can you do on consistent basis that will bring you closer to what you want?

Habits are a powerful tool for you to use to apply consistent small actions that will help you eventually reach your goal. Consistency here is key! The second important thing – make the habit small enough you can indeed do it – be realistic would be here my tip number two!

Those are 5 questions you can ask yourself about the goals you are setting. All 5 together will help you to define the goal better, ensure you can measure your success, and put in practice consistent action to actually reach it.

Call to action: Define at least one goal you have right now with the help of above questions.

Here is the template in Notion that I prepared for you to help you visualize how to prepare your goals, think about your plan, and follow up on your habits. Even if you are not Notion user, you will be able to benefit from the structure and questions provided.

Love and magic,


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