Get a reality check, dear. This is not possible.

Did you ever hear that sentence?

Usually, it is said by people that do not believe in what you are doing, what you believe in, and what your dreams are. Basically, they want to tell you, that you need to look at the world realistically, rather than believe that whatever you are doing is possible.

They usually mean well. At least in my experience.

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And sometimes, maybe they are even right. At least a little bit.

Maybe we are aiming right then at something that is difficult to achieve in the timeframe we set for ourselves, or with resources we have available. But sometimes, that “reality check” is linked with limitations we set in our minds.

Sometimes words like impossible and unrealistic, are simply linked to that person’s inability to imagine what we imagine. They are not able in that moment to recognise, what we are recognising. They do not believe what we believe. They are not ready to take a decision and dedicate the energy that is needed for the action to be completed.

You might ask yourself: “Ok, but what is reality? Is there only one reality out there?”

And this is a very smart question to ask.

How do we determine reality? How one can say what is real?

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If you ask me, reality – especially when we talk about feelings and mindset – is about how we see the world. Reality is a perspective you and I and everyone takes at a specific point in time.

The reality, as we can comprehend it, is the perspective we are seeing, as objective as possible and possibly combined from different viewpoints. And as such, it is changing, as we are changing our perspective. It is changing as we are learning and evolving.

So getting a reality check basically means that a person is calling to you to think more as they think. See the world as they see it. They want you to be more aligned with them in how you think about the world.

You are the creator of your reality. You are the one who observes it. So you can also impact how you see your perspective of reality. You can infuse it with thoughts and positive energy. You can decide from which perspective and through which lenses are you using to see the world. Even when others are calling to you to not be different, to see the world more in the “right way” – the way they see it – the way they are convinced that the world is. And they wish us well – and do not understand why we are choosing to see the world differently then them.

Love Check Instead Of Reality Check

All of that thinking about what reality is, actually leads us to believe that there are multiple realities out there. There are possibilities existing that you can see and your friends can not, due to your different knowledge, information and mindset.

There are opportunities our there that you are not able to see, as you are limited by your own thoughts and perceptions.

And if we believe that, why not decide that as of now on, we will not be “reality checking” each other anymore, but rather love-check each other?

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Wouldn’t be great if you and I, we would check with each other and try to understand rather than judge. What if we would research, rather than conclude? What if you and I would try to accept, rather than dismiss? What if you and I would believe in different perspectives and appreciate our uniqueness rather than tell each other to get the same reality view – the reality check?

With Love and Magic,


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